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EVO Eclipse Primer: An Application Review

Cabinet Magic's review of Gemini's EVO Eclipse - a great product with notable pros and cons.

Pros and cons of using EVO Eclipse for cabinet refinishing – cost-effective yet tricky on MDF.

Cabinet Magic in Orlando, FL, are experts when it comes to cabinet refinishing and refacing services! For over 25 years, we’ve been testing all sorts of paint products to ensure the best application for our customers! Watch Cabinet Magic apply EVO Eclipse to an MDF thermofoil door.


EVO Eclipse by Gemini is a full line of high-performance, interior water-based coatings for wood. Their system includes primers, sealers, clear and pigmented topcoats and a full line of tint bases.



  • Cost effective

  • Better for maple and pinewood

  • Great adhesion



  • Difficult to use on MDF

  • Not good for refinishing

  • Gummed up sanding pads

  • Lack of stain blocking properties


Final opinion: For the price point, it’s a great product!


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