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5 shocking Facts every Homeowner should Know Before Hiring A Cabinet Painter

Are you considering hiring a contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets? Have you gotten a few quotes but don’t know how to narrow down the list of contractors to hire? Don’t Worry! This short article will give you the most important, hard hitting facts, that Cabinet Painting Pros don’t want you to know, and could save you THOUSANDS!


At Cabinet Magic, we have over 10 years of experience painting and refinishing cabinets in the Central Florida area. Over the years we’ve transformed thousands of kitchens, and have learned all the ins and outs of what it takes to refinish cabinets, quickly, efficiently, and with a finish that will last for years!

Part 1: The Right Product For The Job

As the demand for cabinet painting has surged in the past five years, major paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Valspar, and more have jumped on the bandwagon by marketing their products as "cabinet paints." However, it is important to recognize that many of these offerings are merely trim paints disguised with clever marketing tactics.


When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, which endure constant use and exposure, relying on trim paints is simply insufficient. These surfaces encounter daily challenges like cooking oils, heat fluctuations from stoves, bumps from cookware and glassware, water from sinks, and more. Ordinary trim paints are ill-equipped to withstand such demanding conditions over time. That's precisely why Cabinet Magic exclusively utilizes high-quality industrial 2K Coatings from Renner Wood Coatings.


Renner Wood Coatings, a trailblazer in waterborne 2K coatings technology for over a decade, hails from Italy. The "2K" refers to the two-component nature of the coating. This innovative feature allows the coating to be catalyzed with a hardener additive, resulting in remarkable adhesion, durability, and chemical resistance. When applied to properly prepped cabinets, this exceptional coating surpasses expectations by withstanding the rigors of oils, impacts, and the daily wear and tear associated with kitchen use.

Renner Coatings VS. The Big Brands
Stress Test

For more information on how Renner Coatings can transform your kitchen, schedule for a free consultation at the link below.

Part 2: Brush & Roll vs. Spray

Choosing the Right Cabinet Painting Method: An essential factor to consider when deciding on a cabinet painting service is the application technique. Two methods come into play: brushing and rolling, or spraying.


In the past, prior to the advent of advanced paint spraying technology, brushing and rolling was the primary method employed for cabinet painting. This approach appealed to DIY homeowners seeking a quick and cost-effective kitchen transformation. However, it is crucial to recognize the drawbacks associated with this method, particularly when hiring a contractor who exclusively offers brushing and rolling services.


The primary concern with cabinets painted using the brushing and rolling technique lies in the prominent lap lines and brush marks left behind. Even with a highly skilled painter and the right product, minimizing these imperfections is challenging, if not impossible. In the worst-case scenario, and this cannot be overstated, hiring an inexperienced painter who uses the wrong product can irreversibly damage your kitchen. We have witnessed countless kitchens rendered useless due to sloppy paint jobs and inferior coatings that become gummy and peel off. In some instances, we have managed to salvage the kitchen; however, frequently we must inform our clients that they may need to replace their doors, drawers, or even the entire cabinets, resulting in extensive damages worth tens of thousands of dollars.


That’s why at Cabinet Magic, we employ a superior approach by utilizing professional spraying techniques on all cabinet surfaces. Leveraging modern spray technology, we achieve a flawless factory finish. Worries about lap lines and brush marks become a thing of the past. Each square inch of the cabinets we spray will boast a smooth, glass-like surface. When paired with our Renner Coatings products the finished product not only provides outstanding durability but often yields finishes that surpass the quality found in the factory!

bad cabinet.jpg

Poorly Brush & Rolled Cabinets

Sprayed Cabinet Door

Spraying topcoat over primed cabinets

For more information on how spraying your cabinets can transform your kitchen, schedule for a free consultation at the link below.

Part 3: Potential Dangers of Repainting Cabinets

For decades, the wood coatings industry was dominated by solvent-based options such as lacquers and conversion varnishes. Renowned for their rapid drying times and resilient finishes, these coatings were the go-to choice for furniture, wood fixtures, and cabinets. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant downsides of these products. Solvent-based coatings were highly toxic and combustible, necessitating the use of specialized ventilated spray booths to minimize fumes. 


With advancements in waterbased coatings, we now have access to coatings that rival the strength and beauty of their solvent-based counterparts, all without the associated dangers of toxic and flammable fumes. Despite this progress, it is disheartening that many painting contractors still utilize these hazardous products within people's homes, needlessly endangering the lives of both themselves and their clients.


It is crucial to understand that lacquers and conversion varnishes were never intended to be sprayed in small, enclosed environments with minimal ventilation, such as kitchens. The consequences of such practices can be life-threatening, not only during the spray process but also for months afterward. In certain cases, these coatings can emit hazardous carcinogens like formaldehyde for up to sixty days after the completion of the spraying process.


At Cabinet Magic, we prioritize the well-being of ourselves and our clients. That's why we exclusively employ safe, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne coatings. These coatings offer all the advantages of traditional solvent-based options without the inherent risks associated with toxicity and flammability. By adopting this responsible approach, we ensure the protection of both our team's health and the health of those we serve.

IMG_0227 (1).JPG

Part 4:Value Vs. Cost

For many consumers, the cost is a pivotal factor when selecting a cabinet painting contractor. It's important to recognize that prices can vary significantly among companies offering similar services. Several factors come into play when contractors determine their pricing, including overhead expenses like dedicated workspaces, payroll, transportation, the products used, and the time invested in each job.


Investing in a cabinet painting project involves assessing the effort and resources employed by the contractor. Generally, the higher the level of commitment and resources allocated, the greater the quality and value delivered to the customer. Consider the scenario where a contractor has a dedicated workspace for spraying the customer's doors and drawers. This approach not only yields a superior finish on the doors but also saves the customer several days of work typically performed in their home, shutting their kitchen down longer than necessary, and turning their home into a spray shop. What might have been a 5-day in-home process can be streamlined to just 2 days by utilizing an off-site workspace. However, it's important to note that the additional costs borne by the contractor for renting and operating such a space will translate into higher costs for the customer.


Another significant aspect is the choice of products used. As mentioned earlier, the advantages of employing 2K products for painting kitchen cabinets have been highlighted. However, these products often come with a price tag over three times higher than store-bought alternatives. Consequently, contractors using 2K products will need to charge more for their services to cover these additional expenses.


It's important to note that solely considering the price tag does not provide the full story. The cheapest option does not necessarily equate to the lowest quality, just as the highest price does not guarantee the best outcome. Consumers should carefully evaluate the value of the services being provided and weigh it against their budget to find the ideal contractor for their kitchen cabinet painting project.


In summary, when choosing a cabinet painting contractor, it is crucial to assess the complete picture, considering factors such as the resources invested, product quality, and the overall value of the services rendered. By doing so, consumers can make an informed decision that aligns with their budgetary constraints while ensuring exceptional results for their kitchen cabinets.


To learn more about the value Cabinet Magic can provide to your cabinet painting project, schedule a free consultation at the link below. 

To learn more about the value Cabinet Magic can provide to your cabinet painting project, schedule a free consultation at the link below.

Part 5: Don't Hire a Cabinet Painter, Hire A Cabinet Refinisher

In this article, we've been throwing around the term "cabinet painter," but that doesn't really capture what a real pro in the field is all about. Painting is a pretty broad word that covers a lot of ground. Sure, all cardiologists are doctors, but not all doctors are cardiologists. You wouldn't want a pediatrician performing open heart surgery, right? Well, just because someone knows their way around painting walls and trim doesn't mean they have the chops to paint cabinets. A more accurate description of a cabinet painter is actually a cabinet refinisher. When looking for cabinet painting services, it’s important to check out the contractor and see if they specialize in refinishing cabinets or if it's just something they do on the side.


Painting cabinets is a whole different ball game compared to regular painting jobs. There are tons of factors to consider, like the type of wood, the existing finish, and how to prep the surface to make the new coating adhere properly. These are skills that you learn through years of trial and error or by working alongside experienced professionals in the trade.


At Cabinet Magic, we've made it our mission to master the art of cabinet refinishing. With over a decade of experience in the industry and being a family-owned business with a lineage of woodworkers and craftsmen that goes back four generations, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our spray team has trained with some of the top-notch pros from the United States and Canada, always staying on top of the latest techniques and technology to give our customers the best possible service.

To learn more about the refinishing pros at Cabinet Magic can transform your kitchen, schedule a free consultation at the link below.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you considering hiring a contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets? Have you received multiple quotes but find it challenging to narrow down your options? We hope the tools this article has provided you with can potentially save you thousands of dollars!


At Cabinet Magic, we take pride in our 10+ years of experience painting and refinishing cabinets in the Central Florida area. Our extensive expertise and thousands of transformed kitchens have equipped us with the knowledge to refinish cabinets quickly, efficiently, and with a long-lasting finish.


We understand that using the right products is essential for exceptional cabinet painting results. While many major paint manufacturers offer "cabinet paints," they often fall short in durability and performance. That's why Cabinet Magic exclusively utilizes high-quality industrial 2K Coatings from Renner Wood Coatings. These coatings, with their exceptional adhesion, durability, and resistance to daily kitchen challenges, outshine ordinary trim paints. 


Choosing the right application technique is another critical aspect to consider. While brushing and rolling might have been the go-to method in the past, Cabinet Magic goes the extra mile by employing professional spraying techniques. This approach delivers flawless factory-like finishes, eliminating concerns about brush marks and lap lines. Combined with our superior Renner Coatings products, the result is not only outstanding durability but also finishes that often surpass the quality found in factory-made cabinets. 


Safety should always be a top priority, which is why Cabinet Magic exclusively uses low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne coatings. Unlike solvent-based options, our coatings offer the strength and beauty of traditional alternatives without toxic fumes or flammability risks. By choosing Cabinet Magic, you're not only ensuring the well-being of our team but also safeguarding the health of your family.


While cost is an important consideration, it shouldn't be the sole determining factor. The price alone doesn't tell the full story, as the cheapest option may not deliver the desired quality, and the highest price doesn't guarantee the best outcome. Evaluating the value of the services provided in relation to your budget is crucial. At Cabinet Magic, we strike a balance between affordability and exceptional results.


Lastly, it's vital to hire a cabinet refinisher, not just a cabinet painter. Painting cabinets requires specific skills and expertise that go beyond general painting. Cabinet Magic stands out as a family-owned business with four generations of woodworkers and craftsmen in our lineage. With our commitment to mastering the art of cabinet refinishing and staying up to date with the latest techniques and technology, we ensure that your cabinets receive the top-notch care they deserve.

So, are you ready to transform your kitchen cabinets? Don't settle for less than the best. Schedule a free consultation with Cabinet Magic today, and let us show you how our expertise, experience, and passion can bring magic to your cabinet painting project.

To learn more about Cabinet Magic, or to schedule a free consultation and quote, click the corresponding links below.

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